Our Vision

20% of the UK population is neurodivergent, yet the UK Education System fails a lot of neurodivergent young people, and this has a huge impact on their lives. 


A survey from December 2020 from the North West SEND Young People's Coproduction Network showed (481 responses from SEND young people in the North West):

  • 41.2% of SEND young people do not feel their education setting supports them well​

  • 81.3% of SEND young people worry alot

  • 47.7% of SEND young people feel alone

  • 33.8% of SEND young people do not feel safe at school

  • 51.5% of SEND young people feel unhappy with their lives

From talking to young people and families in our network, the story seems to be the same across the UK.​

We believe we need to challenge this and let education settings, local authorities and the government know both the impact this has, and what needs to be done differently so education gives EVERYONE the best possible life chances.


Using the information we receive from young people, parents/ carers, neurodivergent adults and professionals in this project, we will create a written report (by the end 2021) that will be shared with the government, local authorities and more which will share recommendations on what needs to be done differently to meet the needs of young people who are often unheard and left undersupported.

If you have any questions, concerns or would like to support this project, please contact info@spectrumgaming.net.